Why Use Bells???

There's just a LOTof reasons  to have bells on your goats...and sheep, for that matter.Here are just a few to think about:

1. Bells will let you know whats going on with your animals while you are doing other things around the farm.

2. Put the loudest bell on your buck, and you will be more aware of breeding activity.

3. Bells which are loud enough can awaken you at night to predators.

4. Bells are a good predator deterrent, especially if they are loud, many predators will leave with noise.

5. Goats get used to the sound and tinkling of bells, and they have a herd-calming effect to let everyone know "all is well".

6. Since time immemorial, bells have been used to locate herds on pasture or range.

7. You can call your animals in by ringing a bell and then feeding them.  They'll listen for the bell and you can save your vocal chords.

8. You'll know if your goats get out and into your vegetable garden, hopefully before it's all gone.

9. Our bells just plain look good.  They're not your average feed store bell.

10. The peaceful melodic ring of real brass bells is relaxing and comforting even for the goatherd or shepherd.  They don't "clang", they ring true musical notes.

11. Put a larger, louder bell on your buck(s) and you will know when there is breeding activity.


The bells we offer are solid brass.  They never rust, and are of the highest quality and literally are a lifetime purchase.  We offer primarily two types.  The loudest are the Swiss tuned-in-harmony open-bottom bells.  Their sound will travel melodiously across the fields, and are recommended for predator control.  They have a crystal clear ring, and have been used in the Alps on goats, sheep and cattle.  We offer several sizes.  To connect to a collar, slide the collar through the opening at the top.  The design is from 1878, in Switzerland. The pasture bell is also open bottom, with a slightly quieter ring.  

Our other bells are round, closed Sleigh Bells, Raspberry bell, Acorn bell or the uniquely melodious Arctic bell.  The sleigh bells are authentic 1800's design,  are softer in tone and ring as clear and true in tone as  sleigh bells should on a silvery, snowy night.  They are one octave apart, as in the #1 bell is one octave from the #2 bell and so on. 

 For durability, looks and sound, none of these bells can be beat. Be sure to follow the simple instructions on attaching a bell to a collar to maximize the best wearability of your new solid brass Goat Bell
Solid Brass Sleigh Bells...Traditional "jingle bells". 
 These are "goat proof"; they cannot remove the "ringer" from the inside.  A plus if your goats have a lot of spare time to stand around and look for things to do. They are each one octave apart, absolutely melodious and pleasant to hear as your livestock ambles about.  Some folks also buy these fas a durable toy for large and small hookbills and parrots, as wedding accoutrements,  motorcycle "chimes", and on doors.

 #1  (1 1/4") $3.75
#2 (1 3/8") $4.25
#3 (1 1/2") $6.75
#4 (1 5/8") $8.00
#5 (1 11/16") $9.00
#6 (1 3/4") $9.75
#7 (1 7/8") $11.00
#8 (2") $12.50
#9 (2 1/8") $13.50
#10 (2 1/2") $17.00

Raspberry Bell...
(shown below), a delightful small bell (1 3/8"), with a "goat-proof" ringer.  Our second most quiet bell (Acorn bells are the most quiet). A delightful, ornate jingle bell for smaller stock such as a "starter bell" for little kid goats.  Solid brass.  
$5.75 each.
Pasture bells
 Pasture Bells have a pleasant ring, slightly quieter than the Swiss Open Bottom bells, which makes them a good choice for livestock in a neighborhood setting. A very traditional bell .(below)A very traditional, open bottom bell; the most "goat-proof" of all the open bottom style bells.  Not too loud, has a more muted ring than the Swiss bells. Solid brass.  Attaches to collar with a pin or ring.Showing "open bottom" of a Swiss Goat Bell. If your goats have a LOT of idle time, they can, after some years, chew and tug on the "clapper" or ringer to the point where it can loosen up and can fall out. NEW!! We now sell replacement "clappers" or "ringers" ~ see more below.

Small,2" wide (approx) $12.50
Medium $18.00
Large (approx 3") $21.00
Goat Bells....

We ship Flat Rate Priority and your package is insured for up to $50.
Additional insurance available. 

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These are all SOLID BRASS  and will last a lifetime if your stock does not lose them!  Brass will never rust.New Swiss Goat Bells...(below). Solid brass to last a lifetime. These are tuned in harmony Swiss goat bells, solid brass, the best choice for long-distance clarity and for predator control. Measurement is diameter of bottom. Offered in 3 sizes, tuned in harmony. 
Small (2 3/4") $28.00​ 
Medium (3 1/4") $34.75, 
Large (3 5/8") $38.75.

Small goats (kids, about 10-20 lbs): Acorn, raspberry or small sleigh bells sizes #1, #2.

Nigerian Dwarfs: Baby Kids, call for price on our small square copper bells, very lightweight.
Nigerians from 10-20 lbs, as per small goats above. Adults, any of the Sleigh Bells, small Open Bottom Swiss, S - M  Pasture Bell, S - M  Arctic.

Alpine, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Togg, large Kinders, Boers, SHEEP etc:
Any of our bells will work, but the largest of each size is most suitable for big does, bucks or wethers or meaty type goats or sheep.  Animals with broader, wider necks can take larger bells in relation to  their size.. 

Cattle, Horses:  Best with the largest size bells, attached to a wide collar or strap around their neck at the throatlatch. 
Cats, small Puppies: Call for our lightweight square copper bells. 

Parrots, Large Hook Bills:  They love to play with bells!  They cannot take the ringer out of the Sleigh/Jingle bells, pasture bell, acorn or raspberry bells.  

Always attach bells to  a 1" wide, leather or double-ply nylon  strap type collar, not chain.  Metal buckle collar closure recommended (plastic slip type closures can break). 
We are
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Fall/Winter 2019

Solid Brass #2 and #3
Chromed Solid Brass #2 and #3 

are temporarily out of stock until mid Janary 2018
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Swiss bell used for yearsstill in great shape. 
​We are temporarily suspending bell sales until Fall/Winter 2019