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Step 7: Insert the horseshoe nail through the hole in the flange as shown. Nip off the sharp tip.
Step 1: Have your flange-style bell, a horseshoe nail and the collar you wish to attach it to.  Double ply nylon or leather is best.

Step 8: Push the nail through about half it's length, then bend the end opposite the nail head back onto itself as shown.  Pliers are useful for this.
How To Attach A Bell to A Collar

Step 9: The bell is now securely attached to the collar.
Step 2: Make a mark a few inches from the buckle on the collar, so when the bell is attached the buckle will be on the side of the animal's neck, so the buckle will not rub the top of their neck.  Heat a large nail on your stove.
Step 3: Grip the nail with pliers once hot and insert through collar.  
Step 4: Start by making two holes on either end.  
Step 5: Now burn between the holes to make a slit for the flange of the bell to pass through.
Step 6: Insert the flange of the bell through the rectangular slit.  You may need to make it longer to accomplish this.

Congratulations!  You are now done. This photo shows the proper position of the bell on the collar.  Remember...

You don't want the buckle of the collar to be ontop the animal's neck once the bell is attached.  Try the collar on first and make your mark on where you want the holes. 

You also want the strap of the collar that passes through the buckle to point downwards as it passes through the keeper on the collar (that D-ring where you would attach a leash or rope).  This way the collar won't accidentally unbuckle itself.