We currently have available:

White Leghorn SC Bantams: several nice pairs, $25 per bird.
Bantam Golden Laced Wyandottes, $25 per bird.

SHIPPING: Express mail via USPS,generally $50-90 depending on weight & distance.
Shipping box is $25, or you may provide your own. Payments can be made through Paypal. 
Call  805-975-5736. Thank you!
Our Large Fowl Dominiques ring true to their heritage, being of incredibly consistent type, balance and markings and prolific layers with high fertility.  What's not to like about a Dominique?  Known since the first Pilgrims started colonizing the "New World", even back then they were considered a tough breed, one which bred true and could stand "in and in" breeding (aka: inbreeding) better than any other breed without any ill effects, and not diminishing their highly productive traits or consistent type.
So we are proud purveyors of this outstanding breed and offer good breeding pairs and trios to others for a good start.  Good show birds.

AVAILABILITY:  Currently one trio available, 2-year old hens from our breeding pens and a cockerel from spring 2017 hatch.  $60/pair (M/F).
HATCHING EGGS: Available Spring through Fall, $45/dozen postpaid.  I generally include extra eggs if I have them.

First Place Cockerel at the PPBA/Nationals show in Modesto, California.