Langshans are the oldest recognized breed of poultry in the world, being recognized as a breed for over 3000 years.  As a breed, they developed in Northern China, where through history they have been valued for their meat and egg production.  

We have been breeding Black Langshan large fowl since our 4H days.  The birds are vigorous, large and have excellent plumage.  They are "gentle giants", being calm and gentle in nature.

Welcome to our  Langshan Flocks!

We have two breeding pens of Langshans for 2022-23.  Our bloodlines stem from the late Forrest Beauford, known as "Mr. Langshan" and one of the finest and most successful breeders of Black Langshans of all time, coupled with Reece Rhodes' line of Blue Langshans.  We are proud to continue these lines in our birds.  Our flocks are comprised of black, blue, spash and white birds.

Kunic Ranch

Balance and feather quality should always be selected for.

Many people have called asking about "Croad" Langshans, "do we have them"?  The answer is mostly "yes" because most all Langshans came to the United States via England, and theirs came primarily from importations in the 1800's by Major Croad.

True to their breed, they are a tall, stately, calm and gentle natured bird with a lovely sheen to their feathers. 

We have four varieties of Large Fowl langshan: Black, Blue, White and Splash.

A limited number of hatching eggs will be available  in the spring and summer.   I ship them via USPS Flat Rate and they are $65/dozen in the continental US and I am very generous with quantities of eggs so include extras when I have them.   We also ship young adult pairs in the fall at $100/pair plus shipping and box.

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