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Welcome to our Bantam Leghorns!
Single Comb Whites and Dark Browns


Our Dark Brown Leghorn bantams combine our original breeding meshing  with the best bloodlines from established flocks in the Eastern states.  We are pleased that our hens are free of shafting and show good stippling in their plumage.  Our males in particular show good saddle width, depth of color and outstanding feather width. 

For many years, we have been continuing to strive toward a "complete"  bird with proper color, good feather width and overall type and balance with proper sweep to the tail.  Though breeding quality poultry is always a "work in progress", we are rapidly progressing toward some truly nice birds who a tribute to their breed.

We generally start hatching in February and will have  young and adult birds available through Fall.  

Adult birds are available at $30 each.  We currently have some lovely 2014 pullets to compliment the males shown.  The USPS approved shipping box is $25 and express mail shipping varies with destination.  We provide food and water in the box and have always had birds arrive in healthy condition. 

 We offer hatching eggs at $20/dozen plus shipping.

We have  been raising Bantam White Leghorns for some years now.  Our stock originated with Branum bloodlines, then meshed with George Beyer and Jim Sallee bloodstock.  We have two outstanding breeding pens set up for 2014 headed by two Sallee males.
Single Comb White Leghorn Bantams
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Cockerel #011

Keeps his tail spread out full all the time, should sire some nice pullets who keep their tails fanned.  I would critisize him for tendency to drop his wings.
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Cockerel #024

Small framed bird, good disposition, tendency to dropped wing carriage, nice sweep, chief plus is his fanned out tail, never clamps his tail.  Should sire pullets who keep their tails spread.
Cockerel # 015  SOLD

Small frame, very yellow legs, tail coming in nicely, not finished in feather yet, nice spread tail.  Has nice front end, good width.   More ideal tail carriage.
Cockerel #009

Small bird,  nice tail, good width throughout, good front end; tendency to drop wings, tail carried slightly high.  Males that keep their tails fanned out full are likely to sire pullets who do the same, a real plus in the show ring. 
Our adult Bantam  Dark Brown Leghorns are $30 each.  We have a female line, in that the females are the show birds.  They are nice bodied, have good width and carry their wings on the horizontal much more so than the males.

We are almost out of available pullets, but have some nice 1 and 2 yr old hens from the breeding pens available.

Cockerel #004  SOLD

Excellent color, full, muscular body, good size, full tail, tendency to drop wings (probably THE biggest issue with the lovely Dark Brown variety, but overall a nice bird.  Wing markings are correct.  Tail not yet grown in fully.  

Seth, a customer from Louisiana, purchased a young trio from us and has won numerous championships including a State win with these birds.  Congratulations, Seth!
White Leghorn Male
Dark Brown Leghorn male
Hailey Manson, happy owner of the South West Florida Fair Champion, who purchased a young trio from us last year.  Congratulations, Hailey!!