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Welcome to our
Single Comb Dark Brown Leghorn Bantam

Our Dark Brown Leghorn bantams combine our original breeding meshing  with the best bloodlines from established flocks in the Eastern states.  We are pleased that our hens are free of shafting and show good stippling in their plumage.  Our males in particular show good saddle width, depth of color and outstanding feather width. 

For many years, we have been continuing to strive toward a "complete"  bird with proper color, good feather width and overall type and balance with proper sweep to the tail.  Though breeding quality poultry is always a "work in progress", we feel we are progressing toward some truly nice birds and a tribute to their breed.

The male pictured above is one of our  breeding males and exhibits the type of bird we strive to produce.  He has balance, symmetry, feather quality and depth of color.

We have some young birds available, hatched late April and May.  Pullets are especially good layers.They will be ready for the winter shows.  Pairs are $40.  We currently have a large selection and will be bringing sale birds to the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 shows. 

Starting in Spring 2014, we will be offering hatching eggs from our poultry,  $30/dozen or $2.50 per egg, shipping extra.  We feed a 23% feed, supplement with Red Cell and collect eggs twice daily.  We keep our birds clean, so the eggs are clean and do not require washing.  We ship eggs no older than 3 days.

Visit our Bantam White Leghorns!

Scroll down the page to visit our Single Comb White Leghorn Bantams, Our numbers are up now and we are offering hatching eggs now and pairs and trios later this spring and early summer.  We have Beyer and Sallee bloodlines.
We have also been raising Bantam White Leghorns for some years now.  Our stock originated with Branum bloodlines, then meshed with George Beyer and Jim Sallee bloodstock.  We have two outstanding breeding pens set up for 2014 headed by two Sallee males.
Single Comb White Leghorn Bantams
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