Kunic's Venti Latte  FS VG85 (VEE+) at age 5. 
Kunic's Favorite Espresso VG89 (VVVE) at age 6 years       .
Welcome to our Senior French Alpine Does!
​More to come!
Gotta go milk the goats...
Kunic's Starbucks Bombs Away  FS VG88 (VEVV) at age 5 years. 
Kunic's Pretty As A Pixel   VG88 (VVEV)
at Age 6 years.
As any goat raiser knows, good pictures are not easy to get.  We have sold several of our older gals, and do have nice up ad coming younger does but have not yet done a "photo shoot".  There's a lot to that: clipping, handling, a competent handler, etc.  

Here is an informational pictorial view of recent ancestors of our current does.
Kunic's Cat's Gotta Diamond
VG86 (VEV+) at 4 years
VG86 (VVVV) at 5 years

Buck kids from descendants of these does will be available in Spring 2022 for $250 each. We offer air freight shipping from San Jose or San Francisco International Airports. 
(Click on name to view pedigree, data, stats)
(Click on name to view pedigree, data, stats)
​Here are Starbuck's triplet 2016 daughters as first fvresheners in 2017; left to right are Kunic's MGH Star's Rising Fawn VG83, Kunic's MGH Star's Over Kenya VG83, and Kunic's MGH Kaffe Kona VG84; all sired by Gabriel.
(Click on name to view pedigree, data, stats)
Kunic's MGH Latte Perfect Ten VG84, Latte's 2016 daughter fresh as a yearling 2017.
Kunic's Favorite O'Hara Gem  
2016 VG88 (VEVV)
2017 VG86 (VVVV)
​Pasture Chick's Elise
VG884 (+VV+) at 3 years
​Elise is for sale  $400.

Very gentle, sweet doe, a great family milker, extremely easy to milk and very patient.  Sweet milk, ideal for fresh use, cheese, yogurt or kefir.