Welcome to our French Alpine Does!

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We are proud to share this overview of our small, elite herd ot purebred French does. We have some exceptional purebred French buck kids from these does on our French Alpine Kids page, available now at prices well below their quality and value.

We want to thank Leanna Meade, our tireless and skilled helper for her never ending patience in handling our Alpines for photos.  It is not an easy job as the photo to the right will prove!

Thank you for your interest in these fine "Frenchies" and give us a call or email with any questions you may have.

Kunic's Venti Latte VG85 (VEE+) at age 5 years, June 2016.
Kunic's Favorite O'Hara Gem VG88 (VEVV) at age 3 years, June 2016.
Kunic's Espresso VG89 (VVVE) at age 5 years, June 2016.
​More to come!
Gotta go milk the goats...
Kunic's Starbucks Bombs Away  FS 88 (VEVV) at age 5 years, June 2016. 
Kunic's Pretty As A Pixel   VG88 (VVEV)
at Age 6 years, June 2016.
ELISE as a 2-year old in 2016.

A nice, extremely gentle flat-ribbed dairy type doe with a well attached productive mammary system.

FOR SALE  $450.
Kunic's Cat's Gotta Diamond VG86 (VEV+) at age 3 years, June 2016.
Many fine ADGA purebred French Alpine kids from these does, $250 each; most born April 2017.  Give us a call!