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Nixon's Enduring Yreka A14462372010 Stud Fee: $75 ($50 to 4H/FFA).

*B Amy's Pride AR O'Hara
   Sire: +*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett EX 90
   Dam: SGCH 3*M Amy's Pride AR Dixie Belle EX 92

 "Harry" is the buck we are breeding our  herd to for 2011 kids, and feel he will be a nice complement to our Yreka daughters.   He is HUGE, very long bodied with ample depth.  His daughters at the Siena-Glen herd are uniformly elegant, long necked, long bodied does with superior mammary systems and good teat placement and standing on sound feet and legs.  

"Harry" is also of Willow Run background, so we are looking forward to see how it meshes with that and other prominent bloodlines in our herd. 
Active in our herd from 2009 through 2014.
*B Haasenda's Golden Denali did a wonderful job in our herd for the years that we were fortunate in having him. His daughters have shown an improvement in overall length of body; levelness of rump, both from hips to pins and from thurl to thurl.
SGCH 3*M Amy's Pride AR Dixie Belle 
3-09 EEEE EX 92
5-05 VEEE EX  91
Harry's dam.
*B Nixon's Enduring Yreka has been our herdsire for the past two years.  Sired by +*B Nodaway Spirit of Endurance (ET ++*B Willow Run Lambourgini Anthem x GCH  Nodaway Sly Reflection 5*M) and out of SG Nixon's Calculating Rhythm. We have been very happy with the overall correctness and depth of body he has imparted in his kids.  They have also shown uniformly increased width between the hocks.  Yreka has excelled in front end improvement, especially in straight forelimbs and strength of brisket.  In addition, his first milking daughters have shown  an improvement in overall production, width of rear udder attachment through the escutcheon and correct teat placement. 
Active in our herd 2010-2014.

+*B Willow Run Ahren Rhett
6-04 VEE EX 90
Harry's sire.

Denali and Yreka daughters.
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Our senior sire for 2015-2016 season is *B Missdee's RL Gabriel's Horn, a long, smooth blending buck from Gene Dershewitz of Turner, Oregon.  

His kids are consistently long bodied  and smooth blending especially about the shoulder area.  Their rumps are long with good width.  Their front end assembly shows uniform improvement and they stand on correctly shaped and strong feet and legs.  

Through the years we have consistently kept outstanding, productive mammary systems as primary importance., and we are looking forward to his first daughters freshening in 2016.

We thank Cathie Mabie from  Roeburn French Alpines for the new arrival of a very exciting junior buck and junor doe, welcome additions to our herd.  We are looking forward to further improvements in our herd from these exceptional  dairy goats. 
​*B Missdee's Gabriel's Horn A1613792

2*M Missdee's NK Galatea 
4-04 EX-90 VEEE

This elegant, capacious, large bodied doe is the dam of Gabriel.  Classifying Excellent-90, she is well deserving to be the dam of superior herd sire.  
+*B Roeburn's Legacy

A large, correct buck, sire of Gabriel.
6*M Roeburn's BR Rose of Sharon
5-03 EX-92 EEEE

This outstanding doe is the dam of Legacy, paternal granddam of Gabriel.  A final score of Excellent-92 pretty well sums this doe up.  She's got it all.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new junior buck!  He is a purebred French Alpine from the Roeburn herd in New Hampshire.  We are very pleased with him and feel he will be an outstanding asset to our Alpines. 

We will be posting pictures in the next few weeks.  
Stud Fee 
4H/FFA $65
We offer multiple doe discounts & boarding.
Gabriel's kids show improvement over their dams in:

Length of body
Front end assembly
Smooth blending
Feet and legs
Sharpness of withers/shoulders
Length of rump
Width of rump and pins
Depth of flank

We also expect that his daughters will show improved mammary systems and production.