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Kunic Ranch is located in the beautiful Central Coast of California.  Nestled amongst the rolling oak studded hills overlooking Monterey County, we have been breeding registered French Alpine Dairy Goats and fancy poultry for almost 40 years.

We are offering some exceptional older pups now who are trained to walk on a loose leash, ride in vehicles and progressing on to further training, whose pictures are shown at the bottom of this page.  Our puppies are AKC registered, born and raised in our home, dewormed regularly, well socialized, guaranteed free of genetic disorders, sold on a spay/neuter contract and current on all age-appropriate vaccinations. We give our 30+ page Schip Puppy Booklet  as well, and are always available to help in any way. We know each one's unique temperament and inclinations and can help you pick your exact right lifetime companion for your lifestyle.

Purebred French Alpine Buck service is available to two outstanding pure French  bucks.   There are milking and goat keeping tips at the bottom of this page.
Schipperkes  are our ranch and livestock guardians,  out herding helpers and on rare occasions we have pups for sale.    Breed type, intelligence and calm personalities are paramount in our pups, and through the years, many families say they have never had such calm, useful, easily trained dogs who quickly endear themselves to their family. 

Visit our poultry pages!  We  enjoy breeding & showing heritage poultry, and have had a very successful breeding season.   We ship live adult birds by USPS Express Mail and Sweetbriar Animal Transport  and eggs by USPS Priority Flat Rate.

BELLS.....Due to additional responsibilities and commitments at this time, we are temporarily taking a "sabbatical" from selling bells.  We are sorry for any incovenience this may cause.  


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New Pups!
Trained Pups at various levels, see pictures below.

Available pups and young adults trained to walk lightly on leash, ride in vehicles, respond to people, had all vaccinations and more.  If of further interest, please call me at 805-975-5736 (mailbox will be full but your call will show) or email me at mecatemom@gmail.com.  Thank you!