Dominiques ~
In Bantam and Large Fowl.  Our Large fowl come from Sam Brush's line, past president of the American Poultry Association.

The Dominique is believed to be one of the first breeds of poultry to come to the United States, arriving in the 1700's.  They are healthy productive birds.

Wyandotte Bantams ~ in Golden Laced and Silver Laced.

Very striking birds, prized for their good looks and utilitarian value since the 1800's. 

We thank Alan Faegley for starting us off right with our Golden Laced variety.  This interesting variety occasionally sports blue laced red and red laced white individuals.  Here are two golden laced pullets with a blue laced red male.

We have lots of Golden Laced Wyandotte bantams available in pairs and trios at this time. $25 per bird.


Shipping is Express mail, averages $50-90 depending on weight and distance.

USPS Shipping box is $25 or ;you can send your own box.


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Hatching Eggs
We offer hatching eggs of all our breeds at $20-$30/dozen or $10-$15/half dozen.  Shipping is by USPS and averages $15 anywhere in the USA.

Young Chicks
We do not ship baby chicks as there should be at least 25 to stay warm during shipment.  We do ship young feathered out birds from 5 weeks on of all our varieties.  These are $10-15 each depending on age.  About 15 will fit in a shipping box and we provide food and water for the trip.
Adult Birds
We offer individual birds as well as pairs, trios or more of select individuals.  Depending on breed and variety, they are from $25 to $40 each.  We ship USPS Express Mail which will arrive at your post office in 1-2 days.  We have USPS approved shipping boxes at $25 each.  Two or three boxes can be attached together to ship as one unit and save in cost.  We provide food and water for the trip and have had 100% live arrival in over 20 years of shipping birds. 
Our Dominique cockerel who is heading up our original breeding pen of this rare heritage breed.  Shown here on Champion Row at the Greater California Show in Fresno, California in 2015.
Bantam Vorwerks - 

These elegant and productive bantams are fast becoming a favorite here.   Currently building our flock. 

They have a lively disposition, are excellent layers and vigorous breeders.  A good combination of attributes for any fowl.
Dominique Bantam cockerel
One pair of Silver Laced Wyandotte bantams available now, $65.